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About Me

Well there's not much to say...My name is Katie, I am an Equine photographer. I am 21 years old, based in Manchester but travel all over the North West.

Horse owner...

I started horse riding when I was 6 and owned my first horse at 11. My first horse was a bay traditional cob called Tommy. Fab pony! Survived two colic surgeries but unfortunately lost him to colic in 2012. I then went on to own Mikey a part bred arab. Such a unique character! Always made everyone laugh. Unfortunately Mikey also passed in 2016. I know don't have much luck...

I now own Roxi a solid traditional cob . I have owned Roxi for nearly 2 years now. She is definitely one in a million, my life seems to revolve around her as I'm sure you all know as horse owners.

Why Equine Photography...

Well... When I knew I wanted to start up as a photographer I thought why not combine my two passions, horses and photography. I have always loved photography from a young age and have owned a camera for a number of years. I started working as an Equine Photographer in April 2017.

I am very passionate about horses and I love meeting new people so it seemed like a perfect job.

I feel very privileged to be able to capture those moments for others.

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