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How to prepare for your shoot!

Plan your location

location and background are an important element in making your shoot work. Generally there are many locations and backdrops to work with right on your door step - alternatively another location can be found ahead of the shoot.

What to wear?

I would always recommend wearing something you will be comfortable in. I suggest to have 1-3 outfit changes on a shoot, this creates a mix of smart and casual. Jeans are of course, the perfect solution to most outfit choices but if you would like to wear more glam attire such as a dress - Go for it!


A helping hand

If you have a friend, partner or family member that can give you a helping hand, i would recommend bringing them along. It is very useful to have someone with you to hold your horse or horses, carry props or help grab the horses attention.

Your horse's behaviour

Please do not worry about your horses behaviour. Some horses will stand there and pose all day, others prefer not too. horses are not machines and tend to fidget. I do have many tricks up my sleeve to grab their attention. We will deal with whatever is thrown our way!



Many of you will feel very nervous but in less than five minutes you will have forgotten the camera is there. I may ask you to turn yourself or your horse in different directions but most of the time I will revolve around you. 


Don't worry, you are not expected to pose for the camera! I like to keep your photos natural and relaxed. We will have chat and laugh. I promise you, it is not as scary as you think!

Health & saftey

many of my clients do sit on their horse without a hat or saddle, note this is entirely your choice and I take no responsibility for you and your horse. I want you to feel comfortable, so please do not feel pressured in any way.



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